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"…my thanks for funding my psychotherapy for the last few months, via the Benevolent Fund. And for having such user-friendly processes."

Fundraising for the Retreat York Benevolent Fund

The Retreat York Benevolent Fund is registered with the Charity Commission; our number is 1115135.

Being a charity, we rely on donations and raising funds.

Your money would contribute to the following type of projects or support:

  • Psychological support and treatment for those Quakers who for whatever reason are unable to access appropriate and timely support.
  • Support in Quaker schools to teachers pupils and parents.
  • Support to Quaker families struggling to pay for transport to see relatives who are ill.
  • Initiatives through Quaker leadership to improve the well being of primary school children.
  • Support for advancing the knowledge and awareness of best practice through a Quaker approach to mental health specifically Dementia.
  • Enhancing the network of support for mental health during our meetings.
  • Support to Quakers recovering in their home from illness or accident - particularly those who’re unable to afford or get appropriate care.

If you would like to help us by donating, please click here.

We also accept cheques. Please make them payable to The Retreat York Benevolent Fund and post them to The Retreat York Benevolent Fund, Office 102, 51 Pinfold Street, Birmingham, B2 4AY.

We would really appreciate any donations.