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The Retreat Lecture

Bronwen Gray - Spirituality, Hope and Community.

The link will take you to Bronwen's article based on her Retreat Lecture. This is reproduced by kind permission of The Friends' Quarterly

Friends Quarterly article - Bronwen Gray


Jane Muers
Friends, meet together and know one another in that which is eternal

Chris Holman - Unobtainable

Susan Mitchell
In Every One: a psychiatrist’s reflections on spirituality

Quakers and Mental Health

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Quakers and Mental Health


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Quaker Life Publications 

Encounters with Mental Distress

£5.00 – available from the Quaker Bookshop

An accompaniment to Encounters with mental distress

by Quaker Life Mental Health in Meetings Cluster - free

Mental Health in Our Meetings Leaflet

by Quaker Life Mental Health in Meeting Cluster - free


Quaker Publications - Quaker Voices

November 2010, Volume 1, Number 6
Richard Summers: Experiencing Something of God 

July 2011
Bronwen Gray: Rose Garden at The Retreat 

March 2013, Volume 4, Number 2
Bronwen Gray: So what makes The Retreat distinctly Quaker?

September 2014, Volume 5, Number 5
Oliver Waterhouse: Quaker Life Big Network Day, Sallie Cooper: Painting the daisies black!, Jane Muers: Towards a Quaker View of Mental Health, Ceri Owen: A Quaker receiving mental health services, Bronwen Gray: A Quaker working in mental health, Peter Allen-Williams: A Carer’s View, Rachel Muers: A Response to day conference, John Miles: Report on Group Task at day conference

September 2016, Volume 7, Number 5
Ross McRae: Meeting the Psychiatrist I call “God”

March 2017, Volume 8, Number 2
Anna Botwright: Rest in Peace, Hilary Botwright: What makes me human?, Rosalind Smith: ‘Rementing’…a fresh look at dementia

July 2017
Joannie Harrison: Being a Quaker Chaplain 

September 2017
Abigail Maxwell: Difficult Feelings, Jason Evans: Living with Schizophrenia

November 2017, Volume 8, Number 6
Dudley Warman: Wordless Dementia


Quaker Publications - The Friends Quarterly

Quakers and Mental Health – Issue 1, 2018 - Single copies are available at £5 + £1 UK or £2 overseas postage; 4 or more copies £3 each UK post free; subscriptions £20 UK £22 overseas. All from Penny Dunn or 020 7663 1178. Subscribe online at: