Previous Grants

Past Individual Treatment Grants

• £1850 to fund an autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis by a consultant paediatrician and child psychologist, overnight accommodation and travel costs.

Past Collective Project Grants

• £26,796 given to a Quaker school for compassion focused approaches in schools project.

• £3,239 given to Friends House Moscow to translate and publish Description of The Retreat by Samuel Tuke.

Grants have ranged from £800 to £37,000.

"[A Quaker School] has been very fortunate to be part of a charity funded project to introduce Compassionate Focused Therapy techniques to its community. A core team of interested and enthusiastic members of staff have received in depth training and are incorporating the newly learned techniques into their lives and their working practice. Techniques to promote a more compassionate community have also been shared with the whole staff and sixth form girls. These techniques are reaching a wide community since they have been introduced to a school and are cascading to pupils and parents."