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"I am so very, very grateful. It's not just the money itself, crucial though it is. After the rejections from a failing mental health system, it is just being accepted that my needs are actually real and treatable means so very, very much. Please thank them from the bottom of my heart."

What the Retreat York Benevolent Fund do

We provide two kinds of grants:

1. Individual grants: grants can be made to indivduals for care to support your mental health. These grants can be given to people who are Quakers or who have close connections to Quakers. Grants can be given to enable you to receive treatment or care wherever you live.

2. Project grants: funds can also be used to support projects which aim to promote good mental health. The project does not have to directly benefit Quakers, but must be led by Quakers and must promote activites that are in line with Quaker values.